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Are you tired of creating music and feeling like no one will ever enjoy listening to it?

Big Machine Label Group Consultant, American Idol Social
Media Expert And Founder Of The Music Industry Blueprint, Developes

30 Day Step By Step Challenge To Show You Exactly How To Build a Loyal Fan Base that Will Help Fuel Your Career with Sustainable Results!

Quit Waiting on that 1-in-a-Million Chance of Being
Discovered and Put Your Music Success into your own Hands...

You're Exclusively Invited to take the 30-Day Music Marketing Challenge Developed and Practiced by Music Industry Expert, Rick Barker, Who Has Been Involved With the Careers of Some of Today’s Biggest Artists.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let me ask you something real quick...


Do you dream of living out your music career but find yourself unable to gain any traction because:


You've tested different techniques for getting your music out there but so far, nothing has caught on?
You struggle to find enough time in a day to market yourself. So you're stuck in a rollercoaster of ups and downs?




You're unable to build a fan base that sticks, and as a result, you're generating little to no interaction or
revenue for your music?


Don't worry. I'm here to help.


I’m going to be honest with you... the days of waiting on some fancy music executive to discover you in a club or bar are behind us. Yes it still does happen here and there, but if you thought it was hard years's ten times harder now.


If you have music, you already have almost everything you need to attract fans that will follow you, interact with you, get to know you and help you get your career moving in the right direction.


What you’re about to join was created in a step by step, paint by numbers format for that exact purpose.

My name is Rick Barker. And I understand there's a chance you’ve never heard of me before.


That's because I've spent the last 25+ years in the music industry working behind the scenes. I managed Taylor Swift and have been involved in the careers of artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert and Sugarland.


After trading the hectic traveling schedule of a manager for a family friendly lifestyle, I settled down in Nashville and became a consultant to American Idol, Big Machine Label Group and hundreds of artists who are members of The Music Industry Blueprint.


As an expert in Artist to Fan Engagement, my specialty is helping artists develop their brand and build a solid fan base. That's why you and I need to connect and it's why YOU need to take this challenge!

Swift told Pollstar Magazine, “I literally had a
Top 10 Single & No manager ... We started realizing that we're doing this whole thing ourselves.”


Success Secret Formula

And so sparked our marathon of meet and greets. Refusing to treat her fans like herded cattle, Taylor made sure fans left with an autograph, picture and an amazing memory to share.


True Story! One time we stayed so late they shut the venue down on us and we had to bring everyone outside. I held a flashlight to Taylor’s face so everyone’s camera phones would work for pictures!)


Taylor’s commitment to the advice I gave her years ago has paid off thanks to her dedication and hard work. Her strategy to meet as many people as possible translated into album sales that most artists cannot come close to, and the emergence of “Swifties” that sell out stadiums worldwide.

Fair Question: If Being Successful
is as Simple as Talking to People,
Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?


I've personally witnessed a revolving door of artists who struggle to know where to begin. Mix that uncertainty with bad advice, a lack of consistency and not enough time to commit, and you’ve created a cocktail of frustration.


But you know what's really mind blowing? This is THE time to be in the music industry. You’ve got more tools at your disposal than ever before. You literally have access to the consumer 24/7, with no gatekeepers (i.e. record labels or radio stations) to stop you from reaching your audience and building a fan base.


The problem is... most artists don’t know they have these tools at their disposal. Much less, how to use them! They struggle to know:


Where to begin promoting their music and connecting with a potential fan base.
How to keep the engagement with new fans while adding new ones.
How to cultivate that audience to be able to sell their music or merchandise and create a revenue stream.


The good news is... You don't have to let your music go without listeners anymore.


You just need to take action. The right action.


And I’m here to point you in the right direction with:

The Music Marketing Challenge


You're Only 30 Days Away from Building
The Foundation of a Fan Base that can Loyally Fuel Your Music Career Success


The goal of this program is to help artists like yourself launch their own career. This system puts your success in your hands.

  • Every day you’ll be given a list of builds upon the previous one and
    do in order to build a following and you’ll know how to better engage your


    At the end of the 30 days, you'll
    of millions of other artists who

  • In other words,
    waiting for the
    chance to be
    discovered is a
    thing of the

  •  tasks to accomplish. Each task  will show you exactly what to generate a buzz. More importantly, fans to create lasting relationships.


     have launched yourself ahead are still struggling to gain traction.

Why Does The 30-Day
Music Marketing Challenge Work?

  • We completely removed the “what should I be doing” element out of the game. Every day you’re given a very specific task list. Complete each task and then that’s it. You're done for the day. Go to bed confident that you’re one step closer.

  • Each task is designed to not only build a following, but to engage fans and create lasting and loyal relationships. By sparking loyalty, you’ll secure a solid foundation, and your brand will grow for a long time to come. With a bigger following to spread the word, your success will begin to multiply... and so can your music and merchandise sales.

  • As your fan base grows, and you utilize our techniques for engagement, you'll be in a much better position to be able to sell more music, tickets and merchandise. Finally! A revenue stream to fund all of your hard work.

  • You're actively creating a brand that is highly appealing to record labels. Labels want to see what you have to bring to the table. With a proven fan base and sales, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of being signed.

Now, the Music Marketing Challenge follows a simple philosophy:

To Build a Solid Fan Base, Learn How To Engage
With Them and Then Give Them What They Want!


Here's the beauty of this program. I've taken most of the THINKING out of it for you! I'm literally going to give you EXACT tasks to do each day that as long as you DO them, it's impossible that you don't come out of this program further than where you are now.


“Alright, How Much Will This Cost Me to Get Started?”


Before we get into cost, I want to make one thing clear: this challenge is not for everyone.


If you're not serious about launching your music career, I can tell you right now, this will not work for you. If you're not willing to put in the work to follow the steps I give you, then I don’t want your money.


There's never any guarantees in the music industry (and anyone who tells you otherwise is someone you need to run far away from!).


But, if you follow every step I give you inside this challenge, and commit yourself for the next 30 days, it's near impossible to not achieve results.

I'm So Confident the
Music Marketing Challenge Will Get You Results...
I'll Pay You Double Your Money Back if You Don't!


If you join the Music Marketing Challenge today for $147.00, follow the steps I give you over the next 30 days, and you still do not see results from everything I taught you...

I'll give you a complete Refund (+) PLUS an additional $147
out of my own pocket to compensate your time.
You have absolutely nothing to lose, and only a boost in your
music career to gain.

I should warn you...


We're only allowing a limited number of people inside the challenge at the price you see listed below. Once we are filled to capacity, we will be raising the price.

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Spot Inside the 30-Day Music Marketing Challenge

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Before you go, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Most people only see the glamorous side of the music industry. Few truly understand the dedication and hard work it takes to get anywhere. I'm incredibly proud of you for taking this chance to follow your passion and achieve your goals.


It's not easy, but together, we’ll make sure all the effort that you’re investing is fueling your success (and not burning you out and putting you further behind!)


To your success,

Rick Barker


P.S. If you don't join our challenge today, one thing is for sure: you’ll continue on a difficult, uphill battle trying to launch your music career. However, take the chance on this offer today and put yourself on the proven path to success. The worst thing that can happen is me having to pay you $147 out of pocket. Click the buy button above now to get started.